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Things to Do on Guana Cay, Abaco, Bahamas, Sail, Dive, Snorkel, Yoga, Surf, Beaches

Things to Do on Guana Cay

Listed below are several things to do while staying on Guana Cay.  Some activities are located right on Guana Cay, while others are accessible by boat.  Whether you just want to relax in the sun, or would like to head out on the water, there is something here for you.



The largest and most beautiful beach on Guana Cay is located on the Atlantic side of the island.  The main access point is by Nippers, but many houses along the beach have their own paths.  The beaches in Abaco are covered in fine, white and pink, sand and the water is crystal clear. 

If you decide to hop in the boat, there are several other beaches on other islands to stop at.  If you head West, you will find Treasure Cay.  The beach at Treasure Cay has been known to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean.  If you decide to go South, you will run into Tahiti Beach on the Southern end of Elbow Cay.  This palm tree lined beach is very tempting at low tide when there is lots of sand and the water is shallow.  This is a great spot to just sit in the water and relax.  Further South, you will  find the Pelican Cays.  These small islands are a part of the National Park and are located across from Sandy Cay, which is great for snorkeling and diving.  Click here to view a Map of the Area.

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Boating in Abaco

One of the most popular things to do in the Abaco is to hang out on the water.  With the convenience of a boat, you can explore all the cays and their coves on your own schedule.  You can also explore our underwater sea park, just grab some snorkel or dive gear and you are set.  See the section on Snorkeling and Scuba Diving for more information.  If you are going to be doing a lot of boating, The Cruising Guide to Abaco is a very helpful navigational resource.  For more information, or to order the guide, please visit the White Sound Press website.  Click here for Boat Rental information.

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Explore the Island

Explore the entire island of Guana Cay by renting a golf cart or some bicycles.  The island is very different from one end to the other.  You might even find the perfect place to stay for the next time you visit!  Click here fore information on Golf Cart and Bicycle Rentals.

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Fishing in Abaco

If you are looking to do some fishing, finding a local fisherman who provides fishing charters is a perfect way to do so.  For information on fishing regulations, please visit The Islands of the Bahamas website.

Edmund Pinder

- call "Cherie B" on VHF 16


Henry Sands

- call "PDQ" or "Back Breaker" on VHF 16

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Food and Drink

Looking for a bite to eat or something to drink?  Guana Cay has plenty of places to choose from.  Keep in mind, unlike in the US or Canada where you can get a meal anytime during the day, most restaurants only serve meals at certain times.  Generally, lunch is served from 11:00am to 3:00pm and dinner is served from 6:00pm to 9:00pm.  During afternoons, appetizers are generally the only thing served.  Click here for a listing of Restaurants.  Click here to view a Map of their Locations.

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Island Hop

Rent a boat and cruise the outer cays of Abaco.  Each island is different from the next and there is always something new to discover.  Click here for a listing of Boat Rental companies.  To the west, Treasure Cay has a great beach for sunbathing and building sand castles.  To the South, Man-O-War is a small island where Albury Brothers boats are built and it is also the home of the famous Sail Shop.  As you follow the chain of cays, you will encounter Elbow Cay.  Elbow Cay is home to the famous Hope Town Lighthouse.  Climb its many steps to the top and see a 360° view of the surrounding area.  For more information on Hope Town and Elbow Cay, please visit  Further South, you will find a sand bank, which is a great place to relax and snorkel for sand dollars.  As you move towards Little Harbour, there are a string of barrier islands with beautiful beaches.  These are the Pelican Cays and are a part of the National Park.  Little Harbour has a great beach to explore behind Pete's Pub and has small caves to discover across the harbour.  Click here to view a Map of Abaco.

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If you are interested in exploring the beautiful environment of Abaco, kayaking is a great way to observe, and be a part of, nature.  Abaco Eco offers kayak rentals, as well as guided tours.  For more information, please visit the Abaco Eco website.

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Party and Pig Roast

If you are looking for a good time, check out Nippers on a Sunday.  They cook a  Wild Boar Roast and serve some mean drinks.  Party all day, by the beach, with great food, great drinks and great music.

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Sailing in Abaco

Abaco is home to world class sailing and wonderful sailing conditions.  Whether you have brought your own sailboat to the islands, or have chartered one, sailing through the cays is relaxing and beautiful.  For detailed information on cruising Abaco, and important tool is The Cruising Guide to Abaco.  It includes detailed charts, waypoints and local information.  For more information, please visit the White Sound Press website. 

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If you want to do some shopping, there are several small shops on Guana Cay, but most resort wear, gifts, and souvenirs are sold at restaurants, marinas, and other island establishments .  The shops feature anything from clothing and jewelry to home decor, souvenirs, music, and art. 

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Snorkel / Scuba Dive

For those of you who love the world beneath the water, there are many great places to do so on and around Guana Cay.  Just off the beach on Guana Cay, lies the 3rd largest Barrier Reef in the world.  The best part is, it is very accessible.  If you have access to a boat, you can discover many of these places on your own.  Keep in mind, all locations shown on the map offer moorings for you to tie up to, so the reefs are not damaged by anchors.  Never anchor on a reef.  Also, please keep in mind that coral reef and starfish are live anaimals.  DO NOT take them from their environment, as it is illegal.  Click here for a Map of Snorkeling and Dive locations.

If you do not have access to your own boat, you can always take a scheduled snorkeling or dive tour with Dive Guana.  Dive Guana offers half and full-day tours for snorkelers and certified divers, as well as lessons.  For more information, please visit Dive Guana's website.

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With the right conditions, there are several locations around Guana Cay to surf.

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Cap't Plug offers hourly, half-day, and all-day adventures, whether you want learn the basics of boating, get out on the water, tour nearby settlements, or hit up a few local spots for great food and delicious drinks.  Cap't Plug is knowledgeable, patient, and will help you have a memorable adventure in the Abacos.  For more information, please visit the Captain Plug's Adventures website.

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